Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning Your Craft

I pose a question to everyone: How did you learn what you do, your craft?

I learned how to crochet from my Grandma.  Actually, I learned to crochet from my cousin, who learned from my Grandma because my cousin was convinced that something was going to happen during Y2K (everyone remembers that mess right?) so she wanted to make sure we had enough blankets.  So, my cousin taught me how to crochet, but she left out a lot of key pieces, so, knowing that my Grandma was the one that taught her, I went to my Grandma to fill in the blanks.  For years I crocheted scarfs for friends and family for Christmas or birthdays, and I even made an afghan for my mom when I was a freshmen in high school.  Again, my Grandma was there to teach me how to sew all of the granny squares together.  I love that my Grandma taught me how to crochet, and taught me all of her tricks.  She had over 20 grandkids, and I am the only one she really taught, and kept teaching her craft. 

I learned to knit from my mom.  This one came much later, I was a senior in high school, and on a vacation with my moms side of the family and she taught me and my cousin how to knit a dishcloth.  It was a simple little dishcloth, but it took me 2 weeks to make!  But, that little dishcloth sparked my love to knit, and I haven't looked back.  My mom may have taught me how to knit, but now I'm teaching her new things about knitting, like blocking and new stitches and so on.

I would like to dedicate this blogpost to my Grandma who taught me how to crochet.  She passed a way 2 years ago this week, and without her, I might not have caught the crafting bug.


  1. That's so sweet! My mom and aunt were the ones who taught me how to make jewelry when I was about 12.

  2. i've always been crafty, but as far as what i have been creating and selling on etsy, it's actually weird- i just randomly started making it on my own and when i showed my family they said that my great-grandfather had wire wrapped jewelry as a hobby. kinda neat!