Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finishing Projects

I hate working on so many projects at once, but sometimes it happens.  With my cousins baby shower soon and trying to make stuff for my etsy shop I’ve been going back and forth between projects.  My husband seems to think that once you’re done with the actual knitting of a sweater that it’s done.  However, there is still the blocking, the drying, the sewing on the fake pretty button, and then sewing on the hook and eye. 

I do shoot myself in the foot with things like this.  I get to brainstorming moods and think of so many things to make, and it overflows where I have to make something!  And that something turned into a mama and baby monster and baby sweater for my cousin and a baby blanket for my shop, and a knitted version of my moms mutt Ricky for Mothers Day.

So, time to stop typing and time to pick up those knitting needles!!


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