Friday, March 18, 2011

Wrap Up of St. Pat's

So what did we learn this week?  Well, I learned that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, and that he was kidnapped as a teenager.  Who knew, right?  He brought Christianity to Ireland and used the shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity.  We also learned that blue was originally the color associated with St. Patty’s Day.

What I learned this week?  I learned how much I missed corned beef, and I discovered the artists “Mumford and Sons” (love them, check them out).

Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere.  And just because something you love and are inspired by isn’t in the medium you use, you can change it to fit the medium you use.  Take the green silk pin from Wednesday’s blog post.  I really love it, but I have no idea how to make it!  But what I can do, to fit what I know how to do and fit my shops theme, is make a green or white bib and then make a solid green, solid white or a green mixed with white flower to add to it.

Hope people learned something this week.  Have a happy weekend!!

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  1. Hi from your newest follower... I just found your blog on the Strut Your Stuff etsy team discussion page. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs on the thread as I can :) Please visit and follow my blog, too! <3jenna(saurus)
    (p.s. I love the yoda rattle! I just had to pop over to my etsy account so I could heart it... The bib with a tie is super cute, too!)