Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok, so for this blog to helpful to me and to everyone that wants to read it, it has to have structure.  Thus far it’s just been what I’ve been thinking about each day and what’s helping me with me etsy shop.  So I did some thinking and decided that each week is going to have its own “idea topic.”  What is an idea topic?  Well, what I was thinking is it would be a topic of something you can make.  Say the idea topic is Super Hero’s, then we would talk about super hero’s, their history, some different super hero’s, what you can make out of them, what other people have done with this topic and so on.

So, for this to work out I need help thinking of some idea topics.  If anyone has any ideas please comment and let me know what you would like to see.  Thus far the only idea’s I have are Super Hero’s, Sesame Street, Bib’s , Rattles,  and Bunnies (for Easter).

This is how it’s going to play out:
Monday:  Idea Topic presented along with some pictures
Tuesday:  History or information on that idea topic
Wednesday:  What other people have done/made with this topic
Thursday:  My ideas, and other people’s ideas of what to do with this topic (by other people, I mean, if you have an idea and you comment on one of the weeks blog, I will feature that idea in this days blog)
Friday:  Wrap Up, what we’ve learned, what ideas we’ve seen and what we’ve been inspired to do.

What I want out of this blog is for people to be inspired to create.  Take something they wouldn’t have thought of and make something out of it.  Whatever your chosen medium is, I the inspiration to flow!

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