Friday, May 6, 2011

Run For the Roses

Happy Friday!!!!
Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby!!! The Run For the Roses!!!!  Time to drink mint juleps, wear big hats, love horses and short people, and root for the horse you want to win.  I know I'm probably in the minority here of people who are excited for the derby, but I've been celebrating it with my friend Natalie since we were in 8th grade!
So tomorrow I'm throwing a Derby party.  We're making mint juleps with fresh mint from my moms garden, we're making hats, and were having pierogies (you may ask why we're having pierogies at a Derby party, the Polish house down the street is having pieroie day and they are delish!).
So, going with the theme of making your own flowers from the other day, I'm making a rose garland to hang over our doorway to help make the party more festive!!  Photos to follow!

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